Bill Belichick

Belichick, who will start for you at quarterback

Dear Bill Belichick:

Tell us who will start for you at quarterback Labor Day weekend.

Please. Do it. Do it now.

Save us from the continued micro-analysis of the allegedly fierce competition between Cam Newton and Mac Jones. Trying to gauge the importance of having their jerseys properly tucked in, or whether they have double-knotted their spikes, or whether they stole someone’s parking space is becoming beyond tedious.

The other day you gave Jones a gentle, congratulatory high five. Or maybe it was a low five. Some sort of five.

Or were you simply tardy in thanking Jones for bringing you a giant coffee before practice began?

You admitted Jones had an opportunity to stake out the starting QB post as his own after Cam Newton took a five-day vacation.

Or was it a forced banishment, strictly prescribed by the NFL, over a failure to understand the Covid vaccination protocols?

If that’s the case, what was the misunderstanding?

Getting a vaccination is not a particularly complicated procedure, not even for those of us who don’t have a doctor visiting us at work or play.

First: Enter a doctor’s office. 

Second: Wait for someone to tell you it’s your turn, reading three-year old magazines during that down time.

Third: Follow the nurse to a little room.

Fourth: Sit down.

Five: Greet the doctor.

Six: Pick an arm.

Seven: Roll up your sleeve.

Eight: wince as the doctor jabs you in the arm.

Nine Let the doctor wipe the injected area.

10. Accept the little sticker that says “I got vaccinated” just below a smiley-faced heart.

11. Chose a lollipop.

12. Thanks the doctor for the lollipop.

13. Leave the building.

Being tested for an infection is much like getting the shot, except you don’t get the smiley-faced sticker and may not be eligible for a lollipop.

Then came Thursday, when Newton took a lot more snaps, working with the first-team offense, while Jones did a lot more waiting and watching.

So, what should we include from this?

It says here that Newton will start the season opener. He will continue to start if he and the team are performing well.

Furthermore, Belichick knew this all along, from the moment he drafted Jones.

Belichick loves winning more than he loves anything.

But messing with reporters’ heads is his favorite hobby.

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