Red Sox still look like a .500 team

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, hoping that ABC’s presentation of the NBA Finals achieves the worst ratings in the history of TV ratings …

Two months should be enough of a sample size to take a stab at assessing the Red Sox.

If someone out there has a thought feel free to weigh in.

For some of us, another two months may not be enough to figure out this group.

Their bullpen has been pretty good … except for days when they have looked awful.

Jarren Duran looked like a Hall of Famer … until his average took a swan dive.

The infield sometimes looks more than passable … until it doesn’t. The Red Sox are one of five teams that have been charged with 40 or more errors,

We’ll stick with what we said on Opening Day: It looks like a .500 club from this vantage point. …

Talk of Alex Cora’s future is ongoing. Unless the Red Sox make a wholly spectacular run, all sides seem to agree that there will be a parting of the ways. It may even be a mutual decision.

Cora tried to shut down questions about his future over the weekend, proclaiming he wouldn’t negotiate a contract during the season.

Has a manager ever said that he would negotiate a contract during the season since the Billy Martin-George Steinnbrenner road show in the 1970s? …

Once again, the NHL is proving that the Stanley Cup playoffs blow away the competition in terms of simple intensity and entertainment value. Hockey players rev it up a notch or two in the postseason. …

WIth so much time between the end of the conference finals and the start of the championship round, there’s lots of free time for the NBA rumor mill to churn on and on and on.

If the NBA Finals go seven games, it would end June 23. That leaves lots of time between games for lots of chatter.

Last week’s great debate over the NBA Finals concerned Kendrick Perkins’ prediction that the 

The Celtics would win the series. The prediction didn’t quite jibe with Perkins’ months of criticism of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Joe Mazzulla.

Now the gossip centers on Jeff Van Gundy. Having been fired by ESPN, Van Gundy is job hunting. Already a consultant for Brad Stevens,word is the Celtics will make him an assistant coach next.

Take that one step further, Van Gundy will be on hand to take the reins from Mazzulla if the current head coach does something wrong – like lose the NBA Finals.

Let the games begin … please.