Boston Bruins flag

April 1, 1969

In a story quickly overshadowed by the Bruins’ run to their first Stanley Cup in 28 years, Weston Adams Sr. stepped down as the team’s president, handing the reins to his son, Weston Adams Jr.

Charles F. Adams, father/grandfather of the Westons, founded the Bruins in 1924, using the dough he made from founding First National Stores. Weston Sr. took over upon his father’s death in 1947 but sold a controlling interest to Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President Walter Brown in 1951.

Finding details on this period of Bruins ownership is befuddling, at least for this web surfer. One version is that Weston Sr. had financial problems, inducing the team’s sale to the Garden-Arena Corp. Others maintain Weston Sr. simply wanted to get away from the hockey franchise and make money in the stock market.

Take your pick. Most newspaper stories lean to the latter; this cynic chooses the former.

At any rate, the Weston Sr. retook control upon Brown’s death in 1964, grooming Weston Jr. for the team’s presidency in 1969. Storer Broadcasting, owner of WSBK TV-38, bought the team in 1973 and quickly sold it to current owner Jeremy Jacobs.