Baseballs in a line

April 17, 1968

Celebrating the franchise-changing (some say saving) 1967 season, the Red Sox unfurled their American League pennant, then lost to the Detroit Tigers, 9-2.

The pre-pennant raising ceremonies included Carl Yastrzemski receiving commemorative hardware for his 1967 MVP, Triple Crown and Gold Glove awards. George Scott took home his first Gold Glove. Jim Lonborg, still recovering from the knee injury that would shelve him for all of 1968, received his Cy Young Award.

A crowd of 32,849 basked in the glow – at least until old friend Earl Wilson took the mound.

The former Boston right-hander allowed two earned runs on four hits in his first win of the season.

When it was over, Wilson offered encouraging words to one of his Red Sox pals, Tony Conigliaro, still suffering effects from the Jack Hamilton fastball drilled him Aug. 18, 1967.

“I’ve always liked Tony. I tried to get in touch with him personally and I didn’t have any luck. So, when I get back to Detroit, I’m going to write him a letter. I just hope he keeps trying. You never can tell what will happen.”

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