Fenway Park Field

April 23, 1989

Mike Greenwell and Bo Jackson didn’t like each other. It’s a safe bet that they still don’t.

They rekindled their ill will during a weekend series at Fenway Park. During the Friday night game, Jackson slammed a home run off the left-field light tower that ricocheted back onto the field.

Greenwell, seeing an opportunity to needle Jackson, fielded the ball as if it were hit off The Wall. Jackson fell for the decoy, sliding into second base, before realizing he should’ve eased into his home run trot.

Bo made it clear the next day how he felt about being duped.

“(Expletive deleted) Greenwell. Greenwell is an (expletive deleted),” Jackson said in response to a Boston Globe reporter’s query.

Readers didn’t need any other worldly skills to fill in the blanks.

“You play your game, Bo, I’ll play mine,” Greenwell said. “I’ve got to play it off The Wall like it is. I’ve seen balls like that called doubles.”

At least one observer, who has been watching balls hit off and over The Wall for close to six decades, can’t remember seeing a ball hit off one of the light towers and not go into the books as a home run.