Pats sink a little deeper, Chiefs tend to business

Listening to the various televised talking heads prattle on over Bill Belichick almost leads one cynic to wonder how Bob Kraft could so much as blink at the thought of firing the GOAT.

Italicize the word almost.

Unlike the mass of football intelligentsia intoning the gravity of such a call, it really is rooted in simplicity. So simple, in fact, that it was probably etched in pigskin weeks ago.

The Patriots are a bad team. No team totes around a 3-11 record because it has had too many bad breaks,

Bill Belichick retains more responsibility than anyone for constructing the roster of this bad team. It’s unlikely someone could be hired as a ballboy without Belichick’s approval.

And don’t read that line as a reference to the drivel known as Deflategate.

Their offense is a sputtering pile of spare parts. The quarterback was cut, didn’t receive so much as a sniff of interest from the rest of the league, and is unlikely to be employed by next spring.

The Pats scored 17 points against Kansas City on Sunday because the Chiefs were uncharacteristically generous. It isn’t because Bailey Zappe turned into … well, there is no need to sully the name of Tom Brady. Let’s say Tony Eason.

Their defense deserves to enjoy something beyond their weekly consolation prize: “You guys did a really good job of stopping (fill in the opposition star).”

They did stop Patrick Mahomes from having the sort of success one might expect from him  against a team floating in the shallow waters of top draft pick contenders. Mahomes’ performance was acceptable in the context of keeping the Chiefs from losing their third straight game.

In the context of a team chasing down a playoff spot, it merited an ambivalent, “Meh.”

Taylor Swift was in a suite, watching her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, muddle through an uneventful day – five catches for 28 yards. At least her presence offered the TV production team an alternative shot to the football slop on the field

Such was the tenor of the afternoon. A cold, gray day, the home team stumbling to the finish line of a season that felt finished weeks ago, a visiting team that did what it needed to do, then slipped into the night.