August 26, 1962

Remember when important national tennis tournaments occasionally stopped by the Longwood Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill?

Remember when tennis players were willing to mix it up, in the drop-the-gloves sense? Actually, that should be in the Terry O’Reilly-Rangers fan sense.

At the 1962 National Doubles Championships, Dennis Ralston and Chuck McKinley defeated Boro Jovanovic and Nikola Pilic in a semifinal match. While serving in the final game, Ralston was called for a foot fault by the linesman, which he argued down to a let called by the umpire, who ordered to serve.

A heckler got under Ralston’s skin, inspiring a foot fault. According to the Boston Globe, Ralston beckoned the fan to mosey on down to the court for a chat … or something. The fan declined.

Ralston recovered his cool in time for he and his partner to put away the win.

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