Baseball and Glove

August 6, 1967

With the Impossible Dream season approaching its stretch run, a kid from Medford, Mass., engaged in some precocious bartering,

Per a story from The Boston Globe, Chucky Andre was helping his dad by cleaning out a close at the movie theater dad had just opened. Chucky uncovered a small piece of baseball history: A ticket to Game 5 of the 1916 World Series.

The ticket was for Section 24, Row 22, Seat D – at Braves Field. With its larger capacity, the Red Sox used the ballpark up Commonwealth Ave., about 1.5 miles from Fenway. For those unfamiliar, the site of Braves Field is now Nickerson Field, next door to Agganis Arena.

The Red Sox beat the Brooklyn Robins (aka, Dodgers) in Game 5, 4-1. Ernie Shore held Brooklyn to three hits.

It is not known if Chucky knew any of the specifics connected to his find. He was sharp enough to know an opportunity when he saw one. So, he offered his ticket to Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey, in exchange for a bpx seat to one of the 1967 World Series games to be played at Fenway.

At the time, the Red Sox were in second place, three games back of the White Sox. Clearly, Chucky succumbed as soon as Pennant Fever Gripped Hub.

He also had a backup plan. “Maybe one of those people who buy coins and other things will buy it,” he said.

If only eBay existed back in the day.

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