Celtics sure don’t look like champs

Celtics’ Breakdowns Tighten Grip on Hub!

As proven Tuesday night, in a hideous six-minute meltdown, the Celtics cannot be counted upon to win any given game.

That being the case, they certainly can’t be counted upon to win any given series.

And those plans for a banner-raising to open the 2023-24 season?

Forget them.

Championship teams do not squander 13-point leads with 6:10 left in a playoff game. …

At home. …

In a series clincher. …

Against a .500 team. …

Some NBA sharpies have adopted the theory that the Atlanta Hawks are better than their record, that they comprise The Little Engine That Could.

Baloney. (Feel free to substitute an earthy expletive here.)

The Hawks knew enough to tip-toe across the threshold of the door graciously flung open by the Celtics. That is the sum total of their influence on their Game 5 win.

Maybe the Hawks are destiny’s darling in these NBA playoffs, but Game 5 should not be used as an indicator.

Today’s multiple-choice question:

To what should we cite as the Celtics’ hideous Game 5 collapse?

A. Sloppiness.

B. Arrogance.

C. Stupidity.

D: A bubbling broth made from all of the above.

The correct answer is D, which is one step up the ladder from the Celtics’ collective grade for this hideous series.

Jayson Tatum, alleged team leader, exhibited examples of all three.

Poor passes constitute sloppiness.

Tossing up the first open 3-pointer, ignoring the shot clock, is arrogance.

Getting a technical foul for slapping away a pointless shot after a foul is called is stupidity.

Tatum’s post-game defense – that he does it all the time, that everyone does it all the time – earns him a hat trick in sloppiness, arrogance and stupidity.

It was clear early on that Tatum was ice cold from behind the arc. He ended the night 1 for 10.

The Celtics, as is their maddening habit, were 7 for 13 at the foul line. Jaylen Brown was 1 for 5.

Collectively, the most baffling Celtics gaffe is a failure to cash in on the absolute control they have in the paint against the Hawks.

Toss in a few bad passes, a little whining and a lot of hubris.


Celtics get a Game 6 in a series that should be over!

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