Mahomes vs. Burrow an epic duel

Buffalo’s season ended with a spat; or was it a one-man whine?

Since Stefon Diggs had his back to the camera as he yelled at Josh Allen, and there were no microphones around to broadcast his blast from coast to coast, we must rely on sight.

Using Diggs’ gesticulations as a guide, it is fair to say he was not trying to inspire a kumbaya moment. He may have been suggesting that his quarterback failed to see him open once, or twice, or goodness knows how many times, squandering opportunities to propel Diggs to great acclaim.

We will assume Diggs was also perturbed that his team’s playoff run was finished.

It’s also a good bet that Diggs’ rant was rooted in the play that ended their season on that frozen, phony-turf tundra.

(How much fun would it have been to see this game played in a frozen mud bowl?)

Allen and the Buffalo Bills offense were throttled by the Cincinnati Bengals defense.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense sustained time-consuming drives that made their defense’s task much easier.

So, the Bengals play on – as well they should. If someone suggests that the Bills were not decidedly outplayed Sunday, that fan spent too much time refilling his beer stein.

Maybe Allen will come back next year, surrounded by even more talent, and lead the Bills to the promised payday.

It may not be fair to judge a man, or a team, on its performance in one game. But who said life in the NFL is fair?

Allen is now No. 3. DIggs might suggest that ranking is too generous, but whiners’ votes are invalidated.

Watching Burrow take on the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes for the AFC championship will tell us more than which team will go to the Super Bowl. It will decide who will be the face of the NFL, or at least the AFC.

It is a given that the NFL’s international identity is rooted in its top-shelf quarterbacks. They make the most money, fueled by making the most commercials.

No matter who takes on the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, no quarterbacks from that side of the aisle will supplant Mahomes or Burrow.

That torch may be shared by those two for years.

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