Schilling just can’t shut up

Curt Schilling must have been born with the innate sense of doing exactly the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time.

WIthout question he has an unquenchable thirst for attention, Why else would someone beyond old enough to know better let the world know private information that two people clearly chose to keep private?

Tim Wakefield and his wife, Stacy, received alarming medical diagnoses recently. Anyone wanting to know anything beyond that can look elsewhere. Schilling left enough doughnut crumbs in his wake so that the hunt should not be difficult.

Wakefield is just about universally liked in New England, which is no small feat. Baseball approval ratings have been known to fluctuate dramatically in these parts.

Regardless of that, and regardless of the good wishes that the Wakefields will continue to receive from Red Sox fans, the bottom line is they asked for none of this. Their reasons are irrelevant. Even celebrities have the right to keep personal information out of the public arena, or at least to try as best they can.

Their only mistake was to let someone know who would tell the Big Schill, who would stand atop Blowhard Mountain, his super-sized megaphone poised for action.

During the course of his career, a ballplayer loses some of his right to keep his medical conditions to himself. If a new shortstop appears out of nowhere fans deserve to know what happened to the old one.

That doesn’t mean opening a player’s medical files and letting one and all run them. But pro teams and their athletes are not subject to all the rules and regulations that routinely apply to others.

When a player retires, those rights should return. Of course, that doesn’t matter when the likes of Schilling are given the means to publicly blab.

If there is someone in Schilling’s orbit whose voice he hears and comprehends, he will issue some sort of “Oops, my bad.” It isn’t in his nature to apologize unless it is buffeted by a self-serving explanation of his misstep. Everyone, including Schilling, would be better off if he offered an unconditional apology or said nothing at all.

The odds of that the first option are long.

The odds of the second are laughable.

Saying nothing just isn’t in his nature

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