Bloom needs to understand reality

Red Sox general manager Chaim Bloom speaks of the trade deadline as a possible opportunity to improve a club that believes it can compete for a playoff spot and, from there, a shot at winning a championship.

He has to. Any Red Sox general manager has to take the public position that a championship is a reasonable, immediate goal. To do otherwise is to risk a public flogging, at least rhetorically.

Well, the 2022 Red Sox are not going to win a championship. The only reason they are in even a remote position to slog into the playoffs is that three wild-card teams have to qualify.

Heading into a fairly faceless weekend series with Milwaukee, the Red Sox are 50-50, in last place in that cauldron of mush that constitutes places 2-5 in the American League East. At 55-44, the second-place Blue Jays are so far arrears of first place that they may declare that adequacy by flying a pennant proclaiming Best of the Rest.

No teams are going to so much as land a glancing blow on the Yankees or Astros in the coming two months or in playoffs. One of them will win the American League pennant, four other playoff teams will quickly come to rest in the losers dustbin.

But even with their competition striving to remain ordinary, the Red Sox are worse. Their pitching is pretty much a mess, as has been well documented. Their ability to score runs is, putting it politely, spotty.

So what should Bloom be thinking of doing as the countdown to Tuesday’s trade deadline clicks away?

He should do what any general manager does when he has a club that’s future is best consider years, not days or weeks.

First the Red Sox must decide on their intentions with Bogaerts and Rafael Devers. If they want to commit the bulging vault of dough it will require to keep their best two players here for the longterm, trade discussions should include their names only if the return is a truckload of talent.

If not, let the suitors line up and make their best pitches.

But if there is nothing out there that is going to help the Red Sox contend for a championship in 2023, Bloom should pass.

There is nothing he can do to make the Red Sox contend any sooner.

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