Tom Brady

Brady has nothing to gain by playing another year

Tom Brady should retire.

That is, he should retire as an NFL quarterback. Or Any-Sort-Of-FL quarterback.

Seeing him play part of a game here, part of a game there, may not be much of a sample size to reach such a conclusion.

Seeing him play Monday night pushed these toes to the edge of the rhetorical cliff.

Listening to various opinions Tuesday morning provided the final nudge.

The consensus of all that hot air was that Monday’s stink-bomb against Dallas was that Brady is done in Tampa Bay. He doesn’t like the coach, he’s fed up with the pirate ship thing, he thinks the Bucs’ best days are behind them.

Whatever. He needs to find nice fresh, green forests of currency elsewhere.

Wouldn’t the Raiders love to have the man who clarified the tuck rule for all Americans who’d never heard of it?

How much fun might he wallow in by facing Bill Belichick twice each season for the Dolphins?

What about joining old pal Mike Vrabel, head coach of the Tennessee Titans?

And just think of all that money. There is no other 45-year-old football player in the history of humankind who could simply nod in any one of several directions and have $20 million, or $25 million, or $30 million fall gently into his bank account.

Since he is Tom Brady, inarguably the best that there ever was or may ever be, he’ll also enjoy special privileges. He’ll breeze into training camp on his own schedule and work at his own pace.

Fans will go ga-ga, TV cameras will follow him, endorsement deals will toss more money to him, his life will continue atop the tallest mountain.

What does he have to lose by playing one more season?

His health, above all.

Then there is his legacy. It won’t be crushed no matter how awful he looks.

But it will be diminished when it need not be.

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