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Bruins fans are the most intense, unswervingly fans of all time

Essays such as this that open by telling potentially angry readers not to feel insulted are typically annoying. It indicates the writer’s desire to have his cake and brush the crumbs from his shirt after enjoying it.

With that in mind, we stubbornly begin with a disclaimer:

The following is in no way meant to offend Red Sox, Patriots or Celtics fans.

All three are fortunate to have great fans. None of them would forfeit their fans’ hearts under the worst possible conditions. All Boston franchises have no problem retaining robust attendance figures. 

But watching the Bruins’ first two home games of their playoff series against the Islanders reaffirms what for years has seemed clear from this little corner:

Bruins fans are the most intense, unswervingly loyal of them all. If they are behind in numbers, they more than make up for it in volume.

The Garden is reverberating before the first puck drops at the center of the spoked B. There are no proverbial pink hats in the house. If there were, they might flee the building covering their ears. If they chose to stay they would suddenly feel out of place.

Be it live or over TV, the B’s faithful hold back nothing. A dubious call against the Bruins will unleash a waterfall of bile. Anyone hearing this for the first time can be forgiven if they are a bit bewildered by it all.

Generally, players throughout the NHL clearly crank up their ferocity when the playoffs begin. Watch five minutes of an NHL playoff game and try arguing that they don’t. 

The Bruins certainly do. They won’t win every home game – Monday night’s OT loss is exhibit A. They had their chances to put that one in the win column and were foiled by a couple mistakes and an unlucky bounce or two of the puck. 

The Garden was rocking throughout. When the Islanders scored three unanswered goals in the second period, it didn’t muffle the fans, it spiked the volume to full blast.

Two third-period goals tied it for the B’s and at least one betting man would not have put a dime on New York in overtime.

The Bruins are not the most talented team in the league. Their flaws may well shorten their playoff run.

Their fan base would return Opening Night fanatical as ever.

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