May 17, 1984

May 17, 1984 Forgive this straying off the Boston path, but this brief seemed interesting, in a quirky sort of way. (Besides, the Celtics were off, the Bruins were home for the summer and the Red Sox beat the Indians before a gathering of 4,246 bored Clevelanders.) Speaking of attendance ... Years ago, when Nashua had a team in the independent Atlantic League, a colleague asked how the ballclub could claim there were about five times more people in Holman Stadium than were actually present. He had a bit of trouble digesting the answer - that teams don’t announce the ...

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May 14, 1974

May 14, 1974 With an off day in the Stanley Cup finals, Bruins coach Bep Guidolin’s future offered plenty of fuel for the rumor mills. Guidolin, who replaced Tom Johnson as the Bruins head coach after 26 games in the 1972-73 season, was rumored to be headed to Washington to take the reins of the expansion Capitals. Longtime Bruins player, coach and executive Milt Schmidt had already gone to Washington to serve as general manager. He chose to coach another expansion, the Kansas City Scouts, who are certainly in the running as the most forgettable (and quickly forgotten) club in ...

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May 7, 1979

May 7, 1979 Don Cherry was more than a snappy dresser. He spoke often, and brashly. He carried a big rhetorical stick but he wasn’t about to be intimidated by the wooden variety. So no one was particularly surprised when he proclaimed, despite the Montreal Canadiens holding a 3-2 lead in their Stanley Cup semifinal series, that there would be a Game 7. Beyond Game 6 being at Garden, Cherry that the only reason the Bruins were behind in the series was that the Habs played their best game and the B’s played their worst in a 5-2 blowout in ...

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May 6, 1974

  May 6, 1974 There’s nothing like two Boston teams sharing New England's passion in the middle of playoff season. Even during a run-of-the-mill regular season, the stars rarely align so perfectly. The Bruins began their second-round series against Florida on Monday night near South Beach. The Celtics begin their second-round series against Cleveland on Tuesday night at the Garden. The Bruins continue their series Wednesday night in the Sunshine State. The Celtics continue their series Thursday night at the Garden. The Bruins continue their series Friday at the Garden. The Celtics continue their series Saturday at Cleveland. There will ...

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Classic Game 7

Bruins barrel into Round 2 Two goals, in the space of 1:29, created the Game 7 overtime that sent the Bruins on to Round 2 and the Maple Leafs dragging themselves back to Toronto. The OT lasted a mere 114 seconds before David Pastrnak broke into the scoring column for the third time since the regular season ended. And Bruins fans could begin their celebration with a sigh. Boston’s 2-1 win could bring a smile to the faces of the ol’ Big, Bad Bruins. Their club would not go down as the first in the history of the NHL, NBA ...

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Dubious distinction looms

Game 6 should've been great sendoff for Edwards Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, hoping Jack Edwards has a long, happy retirement … Realizing that the Bruins could be the first team in North American sports history to blow 3-1 playoff series leads in consecutive years didn’t reach here until the Maple Leafs forced a Game 7. Last season Florida delivered the sucker punch, sending one and all onto the golf course, or however each man chooses to shake off the anger and disappointment. A loss Saturday night at the Garden would send Jim Montgomery into the job ...

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