Red Sox rally

Fisk sparks win over the Angels  Carlton Fisk had been on the disabled from early in spring training through a good chunk of the season. But when he returned to active duty, his bat showed the kind of pop last seen from him in 1972. So it was hardly surprising when he played a key role in the Red Sox’ 7-4 win in Anaheim, which required a six-run ninth inning rally to sink the struggling Angels. Heading into the ninth, the only Red Sox run to that point was a solo homer from Fisk in the third inning.  Fisk’s two-run ...

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March 19, 1969

March 19, 1969 Dick Williams’ final spring training as manager of the Red Sox didn’t much resemble his first. Before the 1967 season, Williams was said to resemble a drill sergeant. It was his first season as a big league manager and he was determined to establish his authority.  By 1969, training camp took on a more leisurely air. That seemed clear when, as reported by Harold Kaese in the Boston Globe, a bit of batting practice was cut short so players could participate in a golf tournament conducted by the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce.  “Let us say here ...

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March 4, 1964

March 4, 1964 Sport magazine’s latest effort likely increased their Boston sales dramatically with the headline, “Dissension on the Red Sox.” Fans’ interest was surely not piqued by the reported internal clubhouse strife. That qualified as a “Dog Bites Man” tale. But Red Sox gossip was the mother’s milk of Boston baseball fans, particularly in seasons when the team was less-than mediocre. Sport reported on a bit of the players’ ill will in 1963. Dick Radatz and Earl Wilson barked at one another and nearly came to blows. Carl Yastrzemski called out Pesky publicly. General manager Pinky Higgins preferred being ...

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Feb. 25, 1974

Feb. 15, 1974 Carl Yaztrzemski wasn’t exactly ancient in 1974; he began the season at age 34. In baseball terms, that put him on the welcome mat of elderly, but he had yet to knock on the door. Still, Yaz had logged 13 big-league seasons, and even he had a notion that he should back off from roaming in front of The Wall on a regular basis. So he told first-year manager Darrell Johnson that using him as a first baseman might be a good idea. As spring training opened, that presented a bit of a problem. Cecil Cooper, age ...

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Feb. 15, 1979

Feb. 15, 1979 Carl Yastrzemski visited Fenway Park for a sit-down with co-owners Haywood Sullivan and Buddy LeRoux. His aim was to see if a deal could be made on a salary increase for 1980 and 1981. He’d play 1979 for a reported salary between $300,000 and $350,000. SInce JIm Rice had just signed a seven-year, $4.9 million deal, Yaz thought his request was reasonable. Sullivan and LeRoux begged to differ. Essentially, Sullivan dismissed Yastrzemski’s demands as the same, old song and dance that happens every season as spring training approaches. With his 40th birthday coming up in August, Yastrzemski ...

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