One win in the books

Celtics take charge in Game 1 What did we learn in Game 1 of the NBA Finals? The time outs are too damned long. ABC must be making the gazillion dollars Donald Trump will end up owing all those people in New York, Georgia and parts unknown. The Celtics look like they have turned an important corner. They abandoned their maddening standard operating procedure.  All season they worked with - or around - a beacon of imperfection: build a large lead in the first half, squander it in an amazing display of porous defense, indifferent rebounding and sloppy offense.  Miraculously, ...

Path looks clear for now

Celtics could really use Porzingis If truth be told, Celtics fans were not hoisting beers to toast a second-round triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team charged with meeting the highest possible expectations beat a team that is barely on speaking terms with mediocrity.  Had LeBron James been at the Garden, his water bottles and jug of wine tucked under his seat on the floor, the celebration would have had a sharper edge. Just as they cleared their path of the Miami Heat, they brushed aside the Cavs. Neither foe deserved to avoid a sweep, if regular season records are ...

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