A lock?

History says not even these Celtics are a lock The Celtics are a lock. Not just a lock to beat the Pacers, but a lock to beat Minnesota, or Dallas. Create an Indiana-Minnesota-Dallas all-star team and the Celtics will humiliate it. Bet everything you own on it. Forget the lottery. The Celtics are a no-risk, high-return, absolute lock. Anyone over the age of 25 should know better. OK, let’s amend that: Anyone old enough to remember the 18-0, unstoppable, invulnerable New England Patriots. Believing that team could actually lose to the wild-card, barely respectable, New York Football Giants clearly crossed ...

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March 12, 1979

March 12, 1979 Mention “Papi” in the same sentence with “Red Sox” and anyone remotely familiar with baseball in New England conjures a bear of a man walking to the left-hand batters box, addresses the pitcher with a withering glare, and ends the ballgame with one swing. Hall of Famer David Ortiz did that a time or two. Mention “Papi” 45 years ago and it conjures vision of a dazed and confused ballplayer who became a baseball pariah for nothing beyond his presence, Stan Papi was traded to the Red Sox from the Montreal Expos, who received left-handed pitcher and ...

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