June 14, 1964

  June 14, 1964 Tony Conigliaro had a way of stealing the spotlight, particularly in the early years of his tragically shortened career. As Earl Wilson won his fifth straight decision, stopping the Baltimore Orioles on five hits in a 6-2 Red Sox victory at Fenway Park. Wilson struck out 10 and walked one in his second straight complete game. Conigliaro’s exit came as he tried to run out an infield hit. Shortstop Luis Aparicio snared Conigliaro’s ground ball in the hole and made a quick throw to Orioles first baseman Norm Siebern. Sliding into the bag, Conigliaro thought he ...

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June 12, 1959

June 12, 1959 Plopped in the final resting place in the American League standings - behind the long-term lessee for eighth-place, the Washington Senators - the Red Sox decided to make a trade - with the Washington Senators. Billy Consolo and Murray Wall went to Washington, with Dick Hyde and Herb Plews headed to Boston. Don’t bother looking up the Hall of Fame bona fides on any of the four. Two years earlier Joe Cronin, then general manager of the Red Sox, reportedly told at least one Boston scribe that Consolo was a better baseball player than Al Kaline. Cronin ...

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June 11, 1954

June 11, 1954 While the 2024 Red Sox, somewhat battered and egos bruised, have trouble scoring runs, their 1954 ancestors endured an afternoon from deep in the netherworld. In a Thursday doubleheader at Fenway Park, the Red Sox managed one run on 12 hits in being swept by the Baltimore Orioles, 9-1 and 5-0. Ted Williams was sidelined with a cold. That was the extent of convenient alibis available for the punchless Red Sox. These were not the Orioles riding a tradition of winning, with one of the best pitching staffs in the game. They were the Orioles who were ...

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June 9, 1949

June 9, 1949 Ah, there really was a time when baseball was the National Pastime. Anyone arguing the point could get a swat on the noggin with a rolled-up newspaper. This Thursday morning edition of the Boston Globe featured three baseball stories: A 15-inning, 8-7 win for the Boston Braves over the Cincinnati Reds. A Red Sox loss to the St. Louis Browns. An NBA player working out at Braves Field who says he yearns for a big-league career because there is so much more money in baseball. Starting from the bottom: The NBA was in its infancy, so Ralph ...

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June 8, 2004

June 8, 2004 Nomar Garciaparra and his employer hadn’t been getting along for months. And he gave no indication as to when he might be able to play while nursing an injury. The shortstop, once the face of the franchise, felt taken for granted when the Red Sox went all in on acquiring Alex Rodriguez, and were clearly disappointed when the Yankees got him. The Red Sox questioned Garciaparra’s commitment to the ballclub when he took longer than expected to return from a right Achilles tendon injury. Something would have to give. A few weeks later, it did. Garciaparra’s passport ...

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June 6, 1999

June 6, 1999 Brian Daubach took a road rarely traveled to reach the big leagues and enjoy a modicum of success. That included a 3-for-4 afternoon against Hall of Famer Greg Maddux in a 6-5 Atlanta Braves win at Fenway Park.  Had Tom Gordon hadn’t endured his first blown save in 55 opportunities, at the time a Major League record, Daubach would have had the pleasure of registering the game-winning RBI. But the 27-year-old rookie wasn’t complaining. HIs three hits included a single and double off The Wall, and an RBI single up the middle to break a 4-5 tie. ...

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