A lock?

History says not even these Celtics are a lock The Celtics are a lock. Not just a lock to beat the Pacers, but a lock to beat Minnesota, or Dallas. Create an Indiana-Minnesota-Dallas all-star team and the Celtics will humiliate it. Bet everything you own on it. Forget the lottery. The Celtics are a no-risk, high-return, absolute lock. Anyone over the age of 25 should know better. OK, let’s amend that: Anyone old enough to remember the 18-0, unstoppable, invulnerable New England Patriots. Believing that team could actually lose to the wild-card, barely respectable, New York Football Giants clearly crossed ...

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Coming of age

Tatum sparking the C's from inside the arc There’s a temptation to begin by hunting-and-pecking “Beyond the win …” Even that three-word prologue is ridiculous. Winning is what matters. Not to go full-Vince Lombardi here, but for the masses is there a greater reward than seeing their team win? There have been times when Jayson Tatum didn’t seem fully focused on that bottom line. Which isn’t to say Tatum has ever betrayed a sense of not caring. But his easy-going nature has surfaced at the worst possible times. It didn’t Monday night. The Celtics may not have a 3-1 lead ...

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Game 3 recovery

Celtics get back to what works Game 3 of their playoff series wasn’t a test of their will, or their mettle, or whatever inner quality that Game 2 called into question. In winning Game 3 in Cleveland on Saturday night, the Celtics displayed better defense, better shot selection and, most importantly, less self-satisfaction. Somehow, someway, and/or someone, told the Celtics they could well defeat themselves if they insisted on wallowing in smugness. Or maybe they have figured out that they have won nothing yet, and therefore have no right to feel smug. That much passed a great test in Game ...

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Time to begin again

Celtics will be fine (for now) They’ll be fine. The ‘they’ is the Celtics. They went out Thursday night and stunk out the Garden. Basketball fans from sea to shining sea folks watching for the first, second or 50th time were left dazed and confused. Why would anyone with a shred of basketball sense call this group the favorite to win the NBA championship? Why would hard-core Celtics haters with a shred of basketball not be giggling uncontrollably? As mysteries go, this one is as maddening as they come. Thursday night’s study in hideous futility offered a clue or three. ...

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Game 1 blowout

Celtics on their way; Tatum may be, too Send Kristaps Porzingis to Bermuda for a few days. Make sure he brings sunscreen and order him to eat at least six meals per day. A little bulk on that stick-figure frame could be useful as the Celtics rumble down that open field to the NBA Finals. Celtics fans can stop that compulsive hand-wringing over his extended absence from active duty against Cleveland. The Cavaliers are nothing but a flyspeck on an otherwise perfectly clear windshield. Cleveland may win a game in this mismatched series. That would be a meaningless slice ...

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Tough guys on to Round 2

Celtics found formula for success Getting a few days off wasn’t the only reward earned by the Celtics when they drop-kicked the Heat back to Miami. The vanquished have brought their wounds to South Beach in search of some unconditional hero worship. What the Celtics gained by their Game 5 domination is a swagger. Maybe they have had it all along but misplaced it. But on Wednesday night they looked like a club that is mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore. Regardless of the obvious denials, athletes know when they are being criticized. Had the Celtics ...

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