A lock?

History says not even these Celtics are a lock The Celtics are a lock. Not just a lock to beat the Pacers, but a lock to beat Minnesota, or Dallas. Create an Indiana-Minnesota-Dallas all-star team and the Celtics will humiliate it. Bet everything you own on it. Forget the lottery. The Celtics are a no-risk, high-return, absolute lock. Anyone over the age of 25 should know better. OK, let’s amend that: Anyone old enough to remember the 18-0, unstoppable, invulnerable New England Patriots. Believing that team could actually lose to the wild-card, barely respectable, New York Football Giants clearly crossed ...

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May 20, 1999

May 20, 1999 At its height in the 1970s, municipal and state governments across the land were easily persuaded to do whatever was necessary to help teams build new stadiums. If it meant burning their cash, adopting new zoning laws or taking property from its owners at bargain-basement prices, so be it. But the principles remained intact, if not so automatically enforced. That’s why residents of a trailer park on the land occupied by the old Foxboro Stadium, the harness race track, barns for the horses and parking lots, were preparing for battle. The land on which all of the ...

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Feeling the Draft

Maye needs to learn how to be an NFL QB Bill Belichick’s assessment of Patriots’ draftee Drake Maye was that the kid is sort of OK, but needs work. Since none of his review was punctuated with a robust snort, ol’ BB left some room for a fresh assessment as warranted. “This is a kid who can make all the throws,” Belichick said during his draft night gig with Pat McAfee. “He just needs to be more consistent. Of all the quarterbacks, he was the lowest rated in-the-pocket thrower. “Drake compares himself a lot with Josh Allen. We’ll see about ...

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Seriously GOAT?

If Brady is serious, Pats must say no As idle chatter goes, this is perched on the top shelf. It is based on such deeply rooted silliness that even Brett Favre, the poster child for hanging on too long, could blush. Tom Brady adroitly chummed the waters on Thursday by declaring that he is “not opposed” to returning as an NFL quarterback. To spice it up a bit he mentioned a team or three that he would consider should it need a quarterback so highly trained in the art of penning a fairy-tale ending to its season. The Patriots were ...

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So long, Mausoleum

A's should move to Sacramento now As the Red Sox fled Oakland, they may well have played their final game at the crumbling, 60-going-on-200-year-old Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. They surely must hope so. The A’s say they are moving to Sacramento for the 2025 season as they await the construction of their new home in Las Vegas. That is scheduled to take three years. Apparently digging big holes and filling them with iron and steel and all that other stuff that magically morphs into a ballpark takes a bit longer than it might in cities that are not built by creating ...

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April 3, 1979

April 3, 1979 Chuck Fairbanks finally escaped Foxborough. Billy Sullivan made sure Fairbanks’ new employer paid a steep price. It was the end of one of the sorrier sagas in the Patriots’ long-buried, checkered past. Fairbanks had been trying to ditch Sullivan’s Patriots since the previous fall, once he found a coaching haven at the University of Colorado. Sullivan had been steaming since the first hint of trouble, The Pats had a contender - or seemed to - in 1978, until it all began to unravel when Sullivan suspended Fairbanks for a Monday night game in Miami. The Dolphins cruised ...

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