May 7, 1979

May 7, 1979 Don Cherry was more than a snappy dresser. He spoke often, and brashly. He carried a big rhetorical stick but he wasn’t about to be intimidated by the wooden variety. So no one was particularly surprised when he proclaimed, despite the Montreal Canadiens holding a 3-2 lead in their Stanley Cup semifinal series, that there would be a Game 7. Beyond Game 6 being at Garden, Cherry that the only reason the Bruins were behind in the series was that the Habs played their best game and the B’s played their worst in a 5-2 blowout in ...

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Classic Game 7

Bruins barrel into Round 2 Two goals, in the space of 1:29, created the Game 7 overtime that sent the Bruins on to Round 2 and the Maple Leafs dragging themselves back to Toronto. The OT lasted a mere 114 seconds before David Pastrnak broke into the scoring column for the third time since the regular season ended. And Bruins fans could begin their celebration with a sigh. Boston’s 2-1 win could bring a smile to the faces of the ol’ Big, Bad Bruins. Their club would not go down as the first in the history of the NHL, NBA ...

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April 30, 1959

April 30, 1959 With the NHL season completed, the Bruins and New York Rangers embarked on a 23-game tour of Europe at Wembley’s Empire Pool. Imagine modern hockey players being ordered to play 23 games after the regular season and playoffs in the books. The first game drew just 1,500 fans, thanks to a tactic that big-league sports fans would threaten and fail to follow through. Tickets prices for the game were doubled and the good people of London responded to calls for a boycott. The Bruins won, 7-5.

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April 2, 1974

April 2, 1974 Boston bid the New England Whalers farewell. A crowd of 14,711 turned out for their final game at Boston Garden, a 4-1 loss to the Houston Aeros. Peel back the layers and consider the roots holding the Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers/New England Whalers, born at the Garden on Oct. 12, 1972. The Whalers were a founding franchise in the World Hockey Association, playing home games at the Garden (when it was available) and the Boston Arena (when the Bruins, their AHL affiliate Boston Braves, or the Celtics were home). The Bruins didn’t mind squeezing the Whalers into the ...

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April 1, 1969

    April 1, 1969 In a story quickly overshadowed by the Bruins’ run to their first Stanley Cup in 28 years, Weston Adams Sr. stepped down as the team’s president, handing the reins to his son, Weston Adams Jr. Charles F. Adams, father/grandfather of the Westons, founded the Bruins in 1924, using the dough he made from founding First National Stores. Weston Sr. took over upon his father’s death in 1947 but sold a controlling interest to Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President Walter Brown in 1951. Finding details on this period of Bruins ownership is befuddling, at least for this ...

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Feb. 14, 1974

Feb. 14, 1974 In an age when too many professional athletes consider themselves celebrities, big-league hockey players are downright refreshing. Generally speaking, when an NHL player, coach or league official is asked a direct question, they offer a direct answer. So, it isn’t surprising to dip into the archives and discover that hockey people were forthright back in the day. NHL referee Wally Harris lost control of the game - and the Boston Garden - during the Chicago Blackhawks’ 2-1 win over the Bruins. A series of dubious calls and non-calls culminated with 50 seconds left in the third period. ...

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