A lock?

History says not even these Celtics are a lock The Celtics are a lock. Not just a lock to beat the Pacers, but a lock to beat Minnesota, or Dallas. Create an Indiana-Minnesota-Dallas all-star team and the Celtics will humiliate it. Bet everything you own on it. Forget the lottery. The Celtics are a no-risk, high-return, absolute lock. Anyone over the age of 25 should know better. OK, let’s amend that: Anyone old enough to remember the 18-0, unstoppable, invulnerable New England Patriots. Believing that team could actually lose to the wild-card, barely respectable, New York Football Giants clearly crossed ...

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Seriously GOAT?

If Brady is serious, Pats must say no As idle chatter goes, this is perched on the top shelf. It is based on such deeply rooted silliness that even Brett Favre, the poster child for hanging on too long, could blush. Tom Brady adroitly chummed the waters on Thursday by declaring that he is “not opposed” to returning as an NFL quarterback. To spice it up a bit he mentioned a team or three that he would consider should it need a quarterback so highly trained in the art of penning a fairy-tale ending to its season. The Patriots were ...

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Taylor Swift’s boyfriend wins

Mahomes makes KC the obvious pick When in doubt, go with the better quarterback. Asked a time or three this week who will win the Super Bowl, that was my bottom line. Since the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and the 49ers have Brock Purdy, the pick seems obvious. Nothing against Purdy. Seeing him for bits and pieces of a game here and there does not qualify anyone to assess his abilities, Watching Mahomes take the long route to this Super Bowl served as a reminder as to his abilities and how he makes the Chiefs a better team even when ...

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Sideline blunders

Which coach was the most deserving loser? Who was the least valuable coach in the NFL conference championship games? The obvious disclaimer: Just as most valuable player honors based on one performance almost always goes to the winning team’s quarterback, this little exercise has to be one of the two losing coaches. From Sunday’s NFL action, that means Baltimore’s John Harbaugh or Detroit’s Dan Campbell. Campbell’s greatest strategic sins Sunday were obvious. On a fourth-and-2 play at the San Francisco 28, the Lions went for the first down and failed. On a fourth-and-3 play at the San Francisco 30, Campbell ...

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