July 6, 1983

July 6, 1983 A note to any self-proclaimed sports historians: If you don’t remember the Boston Breakers, don’t fret. There isn’t much to remember. Also, it should be made clear that we are talking about the Boston Football Breakers, not the women’s futbol team that adopted the name twice. The Football Breakers didn’t get nearly as much mileage out of it. They played their first game on March 6, 1983, and their last on July 3, 1983. Post mortems on their 11-7 season quickly  lapsed into a discussion of where they might play in 1984. They called ...

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Jan. 30, 1983

Jan. 30, 1983 Remember the Boston Breakers? It was not a World Team Tennis franchise or a bone-breaking pro rassling outfit. Years later it was a National Women’s Soccer League team, lasting far long than the first Boston Breakers. The Original Breakers, born (and died) in 1983, were Boston’s representative in the United States Football League. They played their first game March 6, 1983 and their last on July 3, 1983. About three months later, they moved to New Orleans. The battle for the starting quarterback’s job may offer a hint as to why the Breakers were ...

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