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Caught off The Bill Belichick Interwebs

Caught off The Bill Belichick Interwebs:

The NFL may have trouble hiring enough beer vendors, parking lot attendants and all the other stadium workers who are needed, in true press release verbiage, to maintain fans’ enjoyable game-day experience.

According to Pro Football Talk, it seems teams are worried that game-day staff may hesitate before signing on for the season. Fear of a COVID resurgence and the realization that there is something to be said for work-free weekends may be the leading reasons.

Like any corporate behemoth, the NFL’s first instinct is to find ways to eliminate the need for human interaction. Cutting into an estimated 1,000 game-way staffers would save lots of pennies over the long-term.

Some people are irreplaceable. Putting robots in the stands to serve as security personnel is a riot waiting to happen, though it could create some great theater.

There is, of course, a great way to maintain staffs. It rests at the bottom of the list when many employers consider solutions to retain employees:

Pay the little people more money.

It’s not as if the NFL can’t afford to toss another buck or two their way. Any NFL owner who is really, truly losing money is a certifiable idiot.

NFL franchises fill their vault with rolls of Benjamins before the ticket windows open. As long as TV is willing to pay the league billions of dollars in rights fees, that will never change.

Despite that, teams charge upwards of $100 per game to sit in the cheap seats. Some of those seats are invisible; folks standing near the lighthouse at Gillette Stadium can only dream of enjoying the comfort of a chair.

When question on the whys and wherefores of ticket prices, owners typically shrug and point at the players and their sky-rocketing salaries.

Don’t believe it. Like anything else, ticket prices are based on what the market will bear. 

Toss in the dough generated by stadium advertising and whatever nit-picking ways owners can generate relative chump-change and the point is driven home.

NFL teams mint money. 

Wait until dollar bills start featuring Roger Goodell’s mugshot instead of George Washington’s.

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