NBA’s best needs to end sloppiness

Maybe the Celtics need a head coach who doesn’t have “Interim” stuck at the beginning of his title.

This is not to suggest that they fire Joe Mazzulla. Only a direct descendant of George Steinbrenner would even suggest firing a man whose club has the best record in the league.

But lord does this team have a maddening, baffling ability to suffer from bumbling at particularly bad moments. And it may take hiring a psychologist with a doctorate in professional basketball brain fog to cure this.

To be fair (what a four-letter word that can be), the Celtics are typically good enough to shrug off their worst moments and win. But relying on that sort of resiliency is bound to catch up to any team.

And that goes without even considering Thursday night’s loss – at home – to the Knicks.

Consider Tuesday night’s loss to the Miami Heat. The C’s had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, squandered it with breathtaking ease, then tossed away a last-second chance for redemption.

Miami considered it a small slice of justice, slapping down the team that kept it out of the NBA Finals last season. The season series ends in a 2-2 draw.

It is difficult to quibble over one bad pass made by a man who scored 31 points, with 14 rebounds and seven assists. But what exactly was Jayson Tatum thinking when he attempted a cross-court pass to Grant Williams, open in the corner for a 3-pointer.

Tyler Herro, as if on cue, picked it off.

Do Tatum’s seven turnovers negate his seven assists?

That question itself may not be … insert that four-letter word again.

But the team’s leader, legitimate candidate for MVP honors, the face of the franchise, should not make such unforced errors in crunch time.

Tatum declared himself guilty of sloppiness in the first degree.

Regardless of being double teamed or not, I can’t let us down like that and not even give ourselves a chance really to win the game,” Tatum said.

At least it happened in January.

It should never happen in June.

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