Celtics showing all the signs

Two games into the season and there has been only one moment of worry.

The opening of the opener against the Knicks included a pair of really silly 3-point attempts, clanged off the iron by Jaylen Brown.

Having watched Brown for seven seasons made it perfectly clear that he is not silly by nature. Indeed, he has shown a high degree of thoughtful intelligence, on and off the floor.

Thus, the sense of dread was conjured by an outside source. How could a man so brazenly defy his instincts to begin a season featuring the highest Celtics expectations since Larry Bird headed back to French Lick?

The Curse of Marcus Smart!

What else makes sense? Smart was and presumably still is the prince of silly shots. One need not add to the ridiculously high cable bill to watch the Memphis Grizzlies.

The moment came, the moment went, and it quickly proved obvious that Brown was just working out his season-opening kinks.

Brown, and his teammates, won their first two games beating the Knicks at Madison Square Garden and the Heat at Boston’s Garden.

And if the first two wins were not works of sheer basketball artistry … well, since when did the Celtics cobble together wins chock-full of artistry?

Jayson Tatum is looking like a man hell-bent on letting  the world know he is all business this season. Reaching the NBA Finals was not enough to appease those who doubt the strength of his determination. 

Losing in the Eastern Conference Finals, one year after falling in the final Finals, inspired those stage whispers.

Derek White, for whatever reason, is vastly under-valued. When he is charged with making crunch-time shots, he most often makes them. He can be an absolute pest defensively, driving the bigger men he must defend to exasperation.

Kristaps Porzingis shows sure signs that he is going to be everything the Celtics hoped he would be. 

Jrue Holiday has been unspectacular, but if the team is clicking they don’t need spectacular numbers from him. He brings defensive ferocity and finds the open man.

There is one warning light over which coach Joe Mazzulla may fret. Against the Heat, the starters scored 96 points; the bench scored 12.

Time may take care of that, just as time will tell if the Celtics are really as good as we think they are.