Bruins barrel into Round 2

Two goals, in the space of 1:29, created the Game 7 overtime that sent the Bruins on to Round 2 and the Maple Leafs dragging themselves back to Toronto.

The OT lasted a mere 114 seconds before David Pastrnak broke into the scoring column for the third time since the regular season ended.

And Bruins fans could begin their celebration with a sigh. Boston’s 2-1 win could bring a smile to the faces of the ol’ Big, Bad Bruins.

Their club would not go down as the first in the history of the NHL, NBA or MLB to blow 3-1 playoff series lead in consecutive seasons.

History means a lot in Boston sports, more so than other towns. New Englanders have been known to obsess over it.

Say ”1918” and some Red Sox fans, even after expelling 86 years of pain and suffering 20 seasons ago, might still clench their teeth before barking out a proper, if profane, response.

Maple Leaf fans now can huddle in barrooms and bemoan 57 years without once finishing their season hoisting the Stanley Cup.

And their lead nemesis has become the Bruins, against whom they have lost four seventh games since 2013.

Saturday night, when the Leafs weren’t being hit, they managed more scoring opportunities than the B’s and it didn’t matter much. 

After a job-share arrangement with Linus Ullmark during the regular season, Jeremy Swayman has nailed down the position of starting goaltender. In his six series starts Swayman never allowed more than two goals.

Bruins coach Jim Montgomery, whose job may well have been saved Saturday, declared Swayman as his best player against the Maple Leafs, “and it’s not close.

“I think his confidence and his swagger permeated through the group. It took a while, but it got there.”

It will have to remain there starting Monday night, when they open their second-round series against Florida. It’s not particularly reasonable to have only 48 hours between the end of one series and the start of Round 2.

Of course, fairness never trumps TV in setting playoff schedules.