Celtics making case that more is probable

It has become traditional for March Madness contenders to adopt watchwords for their tournament runs. It needs to be short, snappy and able to be printed on the tens of thousands of T-shirts.

The T-shirts, of course, will generate another deep revenue stream in which the players will not share, but presumably they get their T-shirts for free.

Kansas stepped into the Final Four over the weekend. It’s mantra: More is Possible.

That isn’t particularly original and is not going to be carved in granite anywhere, but it serves the purpose.

NBA teams don’t create a frenzy with battle cries, though they are certainly not shy about slapping their team logos on anything that sells. Considering the way the Celtics have blown through two months of absolute domination of nearly all opponents, More is Probable might be worth a run up the flagpole to see if any advertising gurus salute.

They might still consider even without having the services of Robert Williams, who suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee. Depending on who is doing the guessing, it looks like Williams will be out for six weeks.

More, or less, is possible.

Old man Al Horford will have to pick up much of the slack. Horford didn’t accompany the Celtics to Toronto for Monday night’s game. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were expected to sit out Monday night with sore knees.

The good people of Toronto were to be treated to a lot of Marcus Smart, Daniel Theis, Payton Pritchard and a jumble of names who would not generate much anticipatory excitement.

Then again, the way the Celtics are playing, anyone wearing the uniform might have an unexpected supply of star power.

It isn’t just the winning that has made the Celtics a fresh force among Eastern Conference contenders. The point spreads have been in the neighborhood of 20 points against some quality teams, more against the NBA dregs.

Tommy Heinsohn would have tears in his eyes watching them run a fast break like Celtics of old. They are moving without the ball, running plays that don’t inevitably produce a shot beyond the arc.

Even better, they have been playing defense and rebounding with absolute ferocity. That is what makes Williams’ absence worth worrying about. Williams made opposition trips into the lane acts of futility as often as not.

Defense has created more offensive opportunities, as happens with top-shelf basketball teams. The Celtics have taken full advantage.

Is there a bright side of Williams’ extended absence? Sort of.

We’ll get to see how the young Celtics respond to the season’s greatest bit of adversity.

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