Fenway Park

Dec. 16, 1957

Lest anyone swear that dissembling by baseball executives is a newfangled artform, we offer an appearance by Red Sox general manager Joe Cronin on a WHDH-TV 5 question-and-answer program.

Boston American baseball scribe Austen Lake asked why in his 23 years as manager, then general manager, the Red Sox had won one American League pennant while the Yankees had won 16.

After citing near misses in 1948, 1949 and 1950, Cronin dredged up former owner/permanent scoundrel Harry Frazee for “selling Babe Ruth and a lot of other stars to the Yankees.”

Cronin didn’t cite any evidence of mystical curses. He did hit closer to home by admitting the Yankees had a superior scouting staff.

Later, when Boston Herald reporter Henry McKenna asked if Tom Yawkey would consider double-decking Fenway Paek to increase capacity, Cronin said Yawkey would “cooperate” with the government of the Commonwealth on building a new park but would not shell out “$11 or $12 million” to build it on his own.

Maybe Yawkey’s cooperation would include accepting a new park as the Red Sox’s home and playing there – presumably for little or no rent, of course.

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