Dec. 16, 2003

The A-Rod Sweepstakes came to a strong boil.

The word was out – the Red Sox were on the verge of obtaining Alex Rodriguez’s services via a trade with the Texas Rangers, likely with one more team involved.

In fact, the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler and Gordon Edes reported that the Red Sox had just about settled on a deal through which Manny Ramirez would go to the Rangers for Rodriguez. Then, they would ship Nomar Garciaparra to the Dodgers, who would send one or two pitching prospects to Texas to sweeten the pot. 

One baseball executive was quoted that the deal needed to be completed quickly, definitely before the holidays.

“It’s not good for anybody that it gets dragged out,” the anonymous source said,

He was at least partially correct – it was not good for the Red Sox.

The Yankees got involved and ultimately won the battle for Rodriguez.

The Red Sox, of course, won the war. Ramirez stayed and was the MVP of the 2004 World Series.