Dec. 19, 1958

Mike Brown, son of Cleveland coach Paul Brown, shared a few thoughts with Boston Globe scribe Harold Kaese in anticipation of the Browns’ upcoming game with the New York Football Giants that would decide the NFL Eastern Division champion.

The son of the Hall of Fame coach was the quarterback at Dartmouth. As he prepared to pace the Browns’ sideline at Yankee Stadium, the Harvard Law School student said he would offer his dad no advice. He learned the value of silence by spending lots of Sundays shadowing his Hall of Fame father.

“I don’t try to help the cause. I just try to stay out of he way and let my father run the show,” he said. “But it’s interesting being so close to the players.

“You may not see the game overall, but you certainly see how hard they hit. And if you’re used to being at field level you have a pretty good idea what’s going on.

“You also get a good look at the pass receivers on your side of the field. They don’t overdo the faking, but the quick little dance steps they use to throw off the men covering them are fascinating.”

Ultimately, Mike Brown went into the family business. He has owned the Cincinnati Bengals, the team founded by his father in 1968, since his father died in 1991.

The Browns lost to the Giants for the 1958 showdown for the Eastern Division title, 10-0. The Baltimore Colts took down the Giants for the NFL championship in what many folks still consider the greatest game ever played.