Bill Belichick

Dec. 2, 2003

The perception that Bill Belichick considers the only good sports journalist a bound-and-gagged sports journalist seems spot on with reality, 

Having been a coach for decades means he understands that reporters sometimes need to ask superfluous questions with glaringly obvious answers because they need his thoughts on record, with quote marks at each end. 

His snide remarks, snorts and all, indicate his sheer annoyance at having to interrupt his incredibly busy day with the jackals of the press. He could be working on something truly important – like figuring out how a quarterback who led his team to the playoffs as a rookie came completely unraveled by his third season.

But, we digress. 

After one of the most unforeseen Super Bowl triumphs of all time, but before being declared an unqualified football coaching deity, Belichick actually had a modest rapport with reporters, at least publicly.

As one Boston Globe veteran scribe described it: “Belichick is a smart man who learns from his mistakes the few times he makes them, and he learned in Cleveland that a stupid question does not always require an equally inane remark.”

And when clearly irked, Belichick managed to actually take a deep breath and respond with civility, sometimes even with a smile.

The smiles have long since turned into icy smirks, punctuated by disdainful barks. 

We’ll see how long the smiles last in his next job.