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Dr. Belichick needs some bedside manor

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, hoping that the Red Sox do more this winter than offer a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the parade of prospects that have auditioned this season …

Mac Jones’ ankle injury may serve as a barometer on the Patriots’ future, short-term and long-term.

Grunting through his Wednesday press briefing, Bill Belichick soft-pedaled Mac Jones’ ankle injury.

That would be the ankle injury on which Jones sought a second opinion as to its treatment.

While Jones had an MRI on Wednesday, Belichick’s responses to reporters’ questions made it clear that the severity of his QB’s injury injury is less-than career ending but more than a boo-boo.

“Saw Mac a little while ago. He’s definitely getting better. (He) probably won’t practice today but he’s made a lot of progress in the last 48 hours. We’ll keep plugging away, take that day by day and see how it goes..”

Day-by-day became the moat in which further questions would sink to the bottom.

Is there any plan for Jones to have a medical procedure?

“Day by day, that’s the plan.”

Are Jones and Belichick on the same page as they look to his treatment?

“Not really sure what the nature of that question is. … Day …by … day. We’ll see how it goes.”

Does Jones have a high ankle sprain?

“What do I look like, a doctor? An orthopedic surgeon. Day … by … day.”

Here’s betting that there are no orthopedic surgeons out there wearing sleeveless hoodies.

For now, Belichick professes to having full confidence in Brian Hoyer.

“Brian will be ready to go if he has to be ready to go. ”

Clearly, it is what it is …

Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla (the “interim” in his official title seems silly at this point) is saying all the right things in his quest to haul his players out of the fog created by the Ime Udoka fiasco.

Simply getting back on a basketball court may have at least created a road map toward normalcy.

Mazzulla seems to grasp something that Wyc Grousbeck and Brad Stevens forgot when the decision to oust Udoka came down last week: The NBA is one of the greatest makers of divas on the planet. Seek their input, respond to their questions, empathize with their worries, and you’ll have a chance at becoming a good NBA coach. …

Now that the Red Sox have cemented their place as the worst team in the American League East – a resting place for them five times in the last 11 seasons – it’s time to stop bragging about the quantity and quality of their prospects and dive into the free agent market with vigor.

If that market is as barren as has been speculated, be willing to part ways with a prospect or two and shop in the high-end section of the trade market.

And stop whining about injuries and tough breaks Every team in the big leagues has them.

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