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Game 6 should’ve been great sendoff for Edwards

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, hoping Jack Edwards has a long, happy retirement …

Realizing that the Bruins could be the first team in North American sports history to blow 3-1 playoff series leads in consecutive years didn’t reach here until the Maple Leafs forced a Game 7.

Last season Florida delivered the sucker punch, sending one and all onto the golf course, or however each man chooses to shake off the anger and disappointment.

A loss Saturday night at the Garden would send Jim Montgomery into the job market.

Montgomery understands this. Big-league coaches know they will bear more blame than the players if the team badly underachievers and leaves the playoffs in an excruciating fashion.

In Game 6, Montgomery’s team put one shot on goal through the first period. It’s hard to pin that on him.

But the Bruins brass will. Protocol insists upon it.

The ancestors of whoever first spoke/wrote “You can’t fire the players” would be trillionaires had that ancient maxim been copyrighted …

All ticket sales by the Patriots for the Bradypalooza celebration June 12 beat the play clock by plenty. The MBTA says it will have special trains running to Foxboro that night, with tickets going on sale May 6.

Odds are you won’t see scalpers outside South Station …

Old Yaz visited Young Yaz at Fenway before the final game of the Red Sox-GIants series. Old Yaz was long gone before the Giants’ 3-1 win, which included a homer by Young Yaz …

Jack Edwards’ sign off after Game 6 was a heart wrencher, particularly for him and his color man, Andy Brickley. The rapport they had for 19 years was top-shelf stuff.

Admittedly, as an alum, it was great having two UNH men in the booth.