Red Sox Hat

Feb. 12, 1964

Johnny Pesky was far from a beloved Boston baseball icon as he prepared for his second season as manager of the Red Sox.

No Red Sox manager has enjoyed universal approval that could be measured in anything deeper than hours. Well, Terry Francona came close by winning two World Series, including the one shattering The Curse.

An interview with Boston Globe scribe Will McDonough referenced a story about to be published in a national magazine that alleged massive dissension in the Red Sox clubhouse, with few players offering anything beyond grudging acceptance of Pesky in the manager’s office.

Specifically, the story would include an allegation that blossoming young star Carl Yastrzemski had a prickly relationship with Pesky.

“I honestly don’t feel like Carl said all the things that people say he did,” Pesky said. “He’s not that type of kid. He’s not mean or vicious.”

Pesky acknowledged that he and Yaz hated losing, which led to team-wide frustrations.

The Red Sox were 40-30 on June 28, 1963, as they opened a four-game series at Yankee Stadium with a win. They lost the next three and ultimately finished the 1963 season 76-85.

Pesky lost his job with two games left on the 1964 schedule, having gone 70-90.