Feb. 8, 1984

The great battle for control of the Boston Red Sox droned on.

In this corner, Haywood Sullivan, Jean Yawkey and a gaggle of partners.

And in this corner, Buddy LeRoux, Rogers Badgett and Al Curran, whose botched attempt to wrest control of the franchise the previous June was ruled illegal. 

The sides were advised that the LeRoux group’s attempt to overturn the decision that voided its restructuring of the partnership that would have made LeRoux the managing general partner.

Coup LeRoux, as it came to be known, could not have made the one-time Red Sox (and former Celtics) trainer look worse in the public’s eye. It came on Tony C. Night, as the Red Sox looked  to benefit Tony Conigliaro, who in 1982 suffered a debilitating heart attack,

LeRoux brought along Dick O’Connell and announced that he would return to his post as the Red Sox general manager.

LeRoux ultimately exhausted his legal tussle for control of the Red Sox and the Yawkey-Sullivan group sent him on his way a few months later.