Shooting A Basket

Feb. 28, 1994

The Celtics had one break this month:

Folks were steered away from them to the Winter Olympics.

The United States did well, bringing home 13 medals.

That would be 13 more victories than the C’s had in February, 1994.

Their dreary 0-12 month ended with a sloppy 100-97 loss to the Lakers, who also scraped bottom that season. In fact, Jack Nicholson, no doubt, skipped a game or three at the Forum as Los Angeles limped through a 29-53 season, slightly worse than the C’s 32-50 disaster.

But the Celtics were gracious visitors to end their winless month, making 24 turnovers, off which the Lakers scored 27 points, and squandering a seven-point lead in the final 4:21.

A meager crowd of 13,063 were at the Forum.