Maye needs to learn how to be an NFL QB

Bill Belichick’s assessment of Patriots’ draftee Drake Maye was that the kid is sort of OK, but needs work.

Since none of his review was punctuated with a robust snort, ol’ BB left some room for a fresh assessment as warranted.

“This is a kid who can make all the throws,” Belichick said during his draft night gig with Pat McAfee. “He just needs to be more consistent. Of all the quarterbacks, he was the lowest rated in-the-pocket thrower.

“Drake compares himself a lot with Josh Allen. We’ll see about that. There are some similarities in terms of size, but Josh Allen is a special player.”

None of the above is debatable. Name the last quarterback whose draft night analysis included nary a sliver of criticism.

Maye certainly said the right things in his post-draft press conference. His attitude is that of a guy who knows he’s good and maintains a healthy swagger.

Beyond the physical skills needed to succeed as NFL quarterback, the attitude, unapologetic cockiness, is a must.

Belichick is also right about the kid’s proclamation that he sees a lot of Josh Allen in his mind’s mirror. 

One of Maye’s handlers should have hoisted a stop sign when he wandered down that road.

An argument could easily be made that Allen is not too far behind Patrick Mahomes as the NFL’s top QB. 

Reaching that level is never effortless. Allen didn’t charge onto the NFL stage as a star.

In 2018, his rookie season, Allen opened his career starting 11 games, throwing 10 touchdown passes with 12 interceptions.

If Maye makes 11 starts this season with similar results, there would, no doubt, be Pats fans ready to toss him over the Mystic River Bridge wearing cement overshoes.

That would be first-degree silliness.

Even those who watched Maye in every game he played for North Carolina are not in a position to gauge his NFL potential.

Essentially, a rookie NFL QB enters his professional life as an unknown quantity. And starting a rookie QB in Week 1, Season 1, should only happen when there is no other option.

Jacoby Brissett is not going to lead the Patriots back to glory. No one could.

But before handing the keys to Maye, Brissett should serve as the placeholder until the new kid is ready to roll.