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Maybe he should have worn a hoodie

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, if Bill Belichick snorted one too many times in his two interviews with the Atlanta Falcons …

With admittedly unsportsmanlike delight, Celtics fans must have relished MIami coach Erik Spoelstra’s rhetorical surrender after seeing his team thoroughly humbled Thursday night.

“They put us in our place,” Spoelstra said after the 143-110 demolition on national TV.

Anyone watching the game knows the final count actually could’ve been more lopsided.

It may have been the best team performance in the Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown era.

Unlike so many times when one or both of the Jays are given a rest, their bench functioned at a high level at both ends of the floor.

It would be beyond foolish to think that they can replicate Thursday night’s domination at will, especially against quality opposition in May and June. But coming close to that four times in seven games may be within their reach.

The only reason to grumble right now is Kristaps Porzingis’ continued inability to go more than 20 minutes without hobbling off the floor in pain …

When baseball Hall of Fame voting results are announced, writers who sailed against the wind generated by sabermetrics are dismissed as fossils who can’t digest logic.

Speaking as one of the fossils, my answer is simple: If you have to ask if someone is a Hall of Famer, he isn’t.

I did vote for Adrian Beltre. I didn’t vote for Joe Mauer or Todd Helton. That’s a solid .333 average. …

It would be a great story to see the Detroit Lions in the Super Bowl. No team has gone into more games as the underdog over the course of NFL history.

Unfortunately, the 49ers have a lot more experience in playoff football. 

The mayors of San Francisco and Kansas City should start thinking about what they are willing to wager Monday morning. …

Bill Belichick interviewed twice to be the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach and didn’t get the job. No other team with openings seemed to consider him for more than a millisecond.

Popular opinion suggests that the game has passed him by.

Maybe Falcons owner Arthur Blank was turned off by Belichick’s nasal snorting.

Wearing a Falcons hoodie with the sleeves cut off may have worked.