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Montgomery is no ace, but he could help

Finally there is reason to believe that the Red Sox care enough about the 2023 season to make a move for immediate help.

Free agent pitcher Jordan Montgomery and the Red Sox are working on a deal. That much is clear.

When will it happen? Presumably in a matter of hours, or maybe days, depending on how the lawyers get along.

As always, it ultimately comes down to how much money the Red Sox want to pay him.

How much dough will he rake in? As much as the Red Sox are willing to pay him, as is the case with every free agent signing.

Montgomery is not a savior, but at least he would give the Red Sox rotation a big-league lefty. It’s nice to have at least one southpaw in the mix, if for no other reason than that they mess with hitters’ minds.

Now for those of us who have a cynical streak, there is a whisper asking why Montgomery hasn’t already signed. Presumably he will be examined by a doctor to make sure he has no more arm or shoulder trouble than is typical of a 31-year old pitcher.

Statistically, Montgomery has been a model of mediocrity. In 140 starts he is 38-34 with a 3.68 earned run average.

Cooperstown need not set aside a spot for him.

And there are plenty of lefties who take one look out at The Wall and break into a cold sweat.

But he fills a need. And in an era when more than a few ballclubs routinely fill needs with prospects or has-beens, it would be nice to see the Red Sox open the vault.

Or this entire exercise is a con job – they’ll make a low-ball offer, shrug and say, “We tried.”