Celtics a Game 7 mystery

Well, the Rubik’s Cube of professional basketball teams forced a Game 7.

After 82 games in the regular season and 10 more in the playoffs, no one feels comfortable – at least they shouldn’t – predicting what the Boston Celtics will do in any given minute.

They’ll be at home Sunday afternoon. Common sense dictates that they will win. Home-court advantage is something teams fight for, right?

Then again, they have lost two of three games in this series at the Garden to the Milwaukee Bucks. And home court clearly doesn’t mean much to the Bucks, who were spanked in Game 6, their second loss in front of the home dairy farmers.

Is there such a thing as basketball analytics? If so, it would certainly reveal that the Celtics have controlled more minutes of play in this series than Milwaukee.

That is about as useful as sending someone with a 1.016 OPS to the plate with the bases full only to watch him hit into a 6-4-3.

The better player doesn’t always succeed, just as the better team doesn’t always win. There is no amount of statistical analysis to dispute that.

This Celtics team, the model for future enigmas wrapped in riddles, are the better team. Giannis doesn’t conquer all.

These eyes haven’t deciphered much in this series.

We know that Giannis is the most talented player in the game. In this series, he is honing his diva skills.

That moment early in Game 6 when Giannis trotted up the floor flexing and pointing to a bicep, simply for scoring two points with more than three quarters to play, can only be done so gloriously by a top-shelf diva.

Jayson Tatum put aside his Game 5 foibles and rediscovered his shooting touch. But that doesn’t mean he go back into the deep freeze for Game 7.

All things considered Jaylen Brown has been the best Celtic on the floor in the playoffs. It’s unlikely he will repeat his seven-turnover effort in Game 1.

Al Horford, sentimental favorite and old-school leader didn’t need to score more than two points in Game 5; his 10 rebounds and four blocked shots were enough. The Game 5 10-point Al Horford would be nice to see Sunday.

The Celtics would benefit if the refs let them play. A return to Ticky-Tack World would not.

What is the greatest certainty for Game 7?

There will be drama.

There is not other way this series could end.

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