Settle down, Patriots fans

Common knowledge has rendered its assessment of Sunday’s Super Bowl (aka The Big Game, as they say in commercials not blessed by the National Football League):

Kansas City didn’t win, San Francisco choked.

This common conclusion is particularly well rooted in these parts. Punctuating Chiefs 25, 49ers 22 (OT) with an asterisk protects the Patriots’ dynasty, and Tom Brady’s superiority. Or so it is alleged.

Why do the Patriots and Brady require rhetorically armed guards?

They don’t. What happened then and what we are seeing done now are related in that they both happened in the NFL, they both were designed by great coaches and they both were engineered by Hall of Fame-caliber quarterbacks.

The league is different. The culture of the game never stops evolving. 

No one has suggested that Andy Reid has replaced Bill Belichick as the greatest coach of all time. Patrick Mahomes has not replaced Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time … not yet, anyway.

Mahomes was not at his best for most of Sunday’s game. But when the Chiefs were down, if not close to being counted out, Mahomes took charge and reminded one and all that he is the best quarterback playing in today’s NFL.

When the Chiefs looked about ready to stumble, Mahomes carried them. He rushed for 66 yards on nine carries. The only man on the field who topped that was Christain McCaffrey, a running back by trade, who ran for 80 yards on 22 carries. 

In terms of athleticism, Mahomes stands alone.

As for Belichick vs. Reid … they both have great abilities, albeit on different sides of the ball. They both have significant flaws.

But Reid has been adapting his methods to achieve success in today’s NFL.

Belichick will be unemployed in the 2024 season because he hasn’t been able to convince anyone that he doesn’t need to change.

The guardians of New England’s football legacy were put on high alert last week as the enemy drumbeat quickened:  The Chiefs are looking to become the first team since 2003-2004 Patriots to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

And so they have. 

Anyone trying to diminish that achievement is eligible for a one-way trip to the planet of your choice.