No doubt about this playoff series

Maybe the Celtics enjoy making their opponents feel empowered at the expense of their fans’ blood pressure.

Anyone who has watched the Celtics for 84 games surely understands their penchant for playing well early then watching their lead slowly melt. Or coming out of the gate as if they were just hopping out of bed, dragging themselves to the coffee pot, then slapping their opposition up-side the noggin.

They do that a lot. Not every night – Game 1 of their series with the overmatched Atlanta Hawks was a blowout from the start. Of course, the C’s did let the Hawks think they could rally form what was a 32-point deficit, with the margin tumbling to 12.

It meant nada.

Then there is Trae Young, a very lonesome Hawk. He scored 26 in Game 2 and, thanks to a poll of NBA players, stepped to the foul line serenaded by an “over-rated” chant.

He might be. And Celtics fans certainly won’t be getting an extended look at him now.

Could the Hawks pick off a game on their home floor? Sure; strange things occasionally happen in the playoffs.

But the Celtics have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, as good a 1-2 punch as there is in today’s NBA. Then there is Derrick White and Robert Williams, who more often than not make coaches crazy by exploiting the extra attention lavished on the Big Two.

White will score, but Williams changes the team’s identity in the paint. The defense seems to be just a bit more intense when Williams is working.

There is only one thing that could disrupt Celtics fans’ enjoying this perfunctory first-round punishment of the Hawks:

Listening to Brian Scalabrine’s pale imitation of a TV analyst.

The easy solution is to watch the ESPN broadcast. That somehow seems a betrayal of NBCSN’s Mike Gorman, a very professional play-by-play man who is unavailable to work Games 3 and 4.

That will leave Scalabirne and Eddie House at the microphones.

Hope House is being paid handsomely for being the one person who has to listen to ol’ Scal.

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