Red Sox Fans

It’a all about Fenway; right, Tom?

Who is at least within touching distance of reality: Tom Werner or Sam Kennedy?

Werner, one of the Red Sox owners, says the team will go full-throttle in building a championship-caliber roster. After someone told him that such a public pronouncement sets up an ocean of disappointment, it’s better to say “oops” and remind fans of their beloved ballpark.

“We spend a lot of time talking about the experience at Fenway. We think our record is probably the most important thing but there are other things that make going to Fenway a special place.”

An owner of the Boston Red Sox “thinks” that their won-loss record is “probably” the most important. Said owner proclaims that the Red Sox are always focused on “things that make going to Fenway a special place.”

Wow. So that’s the main reason little old ladies in northern Maine listen/watch the Red Sox – Fenway Park is a special place.

The other Fenway Sports Group titans really need to fit Werner for a muzzle.

Kennedy, a son of Brookline, Mass., at least skipped the verbal embroidery … sort of.

He said fans should “probably” be prepared to see the team’s payroll drop this winter.

There’s that “P” word again.

In Kennedy’s case, “probably” should be deleted.

The Red Sox will begin the 2024 season realizing that there should be a parade if they crack the .500 mark.

It would be a short parade. Werner would lead in a little clown car and take one lap around the park.

There were times when achieving simple competence was a bold goal.

Before the 1967 season began, rookie manager Dick Williams promised that the Red Sox would win more ballgames than they’d lose. They ultimately won the American League pennant for the first time in 21 years.

The Impossible Dream came well before free agency. They had a core of young players who blossomed. 

During the 1967 season, Tom Yawkey said Fenway Park was a dump that needed to be replaced with a stadium to host the Red Sox and Patriots.

After the 1967 season, Yawkey decided Fenway just needed a coat of paint and that the Patriots were on their own. Seeing your attendance triple has a way of turning a dump into a shrine.

Back to the lead clown car …

Fenway Sports Group has enabled the Red Sox win four World Series in 22 seasons. They have been playoff competitors 11 times.

They have finished in last place five times, including the past two seasons. If that trend continues, tourists won’t care. 

Red Sox fans, who have experienced lots of games at America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, will care.