Fenway Park Sign

Chaim Bloom is the man most likely to be blamed

John Henry and his gaggle of ownership partners are as far from dumb as Hank Steinbrenner is from having built his fantastic station in life through hard work.

In veritable seconds they understood that Fenway Park is their over-riding star. Their attendance will fluctuate but will never take a nosedive to the depths forever occupied by the A’s and the Rays of the world.

The ballpark is the most lucrative tourist attraction in the Commonwealth, perhaps in all New England, And they have succeeded in making it a year-round profit-churning machine.

Henry, Larry Lucchino, Tom Werner wiped away the plans for a new ballpark left behind by John Harrington and his band of unimaginative hacks. Instead they have poured hundreds of millions of dollarsinto Fenway, creating a flood of green from varied revenue streams, and officially declared it America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.

The Red Sox have also won four World Series since 2004. Remember the days when winning just one would have been just cause for knighting everyone involved in its production?

They also have finished in last place five times since 2012. They might finish in last place again this season.

Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom, come on down! You’re the designated punching bag if the Red Sox finish last in consecutive seasons for the second time in 10 years.

This thought came to mind Friday when the Boston Globe published a photo essay on a day in the life of Charim Bloom. It was well done, portraying Bloom as a guy you’d be glad to have sitting next to you at the bar, or perhaps Starbucks.

Presumably he’d gladly pick up the tab.

Maybe he is a nice guy, a wonderful, generous, warm-hearted man.

That would in no way spare him from the raft of vitriol he’ll ride if the Red Sox are again causing giggles in Baltimore by saving the Orioles from the cellar again.

Nice guys who finish last are buried alive in Boston. Fans’ patience has not grown with four championships. If anything, it has diminished.

A fair number of fans are already grumbling about Henry caring more about his other holdings – a soccer team, a hockey team and a NASCAR team – than the flagship on Jersey St.

The profits from the team and the ballpark won’t dry up any time soon. But they will drop if the Red Sox are bumbling around below .500.

Bloom must understand more than anyone.

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