The world now knows how bad Pats have become

This was the most straight forward loss the Patriots have bumbled through this season.

There was no acceptable alibi. There was no tough break. There was no officiating blunder. There was nothing to soften the sting. 

They flew all that way Germany to show an international audience that their 2-8 record is completely, inarguably deserved.

The Indianapolis Colts flew even further to get to 5-5 and maintain their chance to reach the postseason.

The only relatively innocent Patriots played defense. The Pats’ defense held the Colts to 10 points. This is not exactly Peyton Manning’s offense, It isn’t even Andrew Luck’s offense.

But it is a National Football League offense. And it has scored 101 more points through 10 games than the punchless Pats.

And that isn’t even discounting the New England scoring on which the offense left no fingerprints.

Awful is the adjective for which we are groping.

Final score: Colts 10, Patriots 6.

Fly home safely.

It did provide fodder for a two-week rehashing of all that has been hashed out time and again since the season began.

Bill Belichick’s future in New England seemed as though it might sufficiently stabilize to get him through the end of his season from hell. That may well have changed Sunday.

On the field, Mac Jones’ future as the Patriots starting quarterback is, without a doubt, Topic A.

Look for an in-depth analysis of Jones’ game elsewhere. Only one play will live on in Patriots’ lore.

It is Jones’ entry as the worst pass in franchise history. Mike Taliaferro finally has some company.

On second and 12 from the Colts’ 15, Jones lobbed a pass straight into Julian Blackmon’s bread basket at the 3. Since Blackmon was wearing a white jersey, with a horseshoe on his white helmet. At some point, Jones likely realized that was not the man he wanted to hit in the breadbasket.

Jones surely understood the magnitude of that blunder when Belichick turned the offensive keys over to Bailey Zappe in hopes of finding a last-second miracle.

You may recall Zappe was put on waivers recently and only stayed with the Pats because 31 other teams saw no use for him.

Appropriately enough, Zappe capped the offense’s day throwing an interception.

Now comes a bye week, that may include at least one bye-bye,

If you see Belichick hitch-hiking on Route 1, feel free to pick him up,