Belichick can only hope they have hit bottom

Floating down a lonesome stream  of consciousness, hoping Bill Belichick doesn’t believe that plucking J.C. Jackson from the NFL scrap heap is going to have any effect on changing the course of his worst season …

When the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association began its Tim Wakefield Award to recognize a player’s off-field contributions to the community, it made perfect sense. Wakefield had become a lock to serve as Boston’s nominee for the Robert Clemente Award, the national version of such honors. He won the Clemente Award once.

But Wakefield’s initial reaction when receiving word of this new award was a slight cringe.

Presumably the man felt a bit queasy at having this honor in his name.

People with such a reaction are usually people who most deserve it. …

When the Celtics landed Jrue Holiday they provided a jolt to an increasingly antsy fandom.

Holiday pumped a bit more juice to the masses’ joy.

“They’re a bit crazy. They get rowdy. They get in your face. Definitely one of the best sixth men in the league, if not the best,” Holiday said. “I love the aggression. I love the environment … The fans are literally insane, and I’m proud to be part of that coming in this year.”

Holiday gets it. Isn’t that refreshing.

Now if the Celtics have someone who doesn’t mind mixing it up with the giants under the backboards, sort of like Robert Williams – when he wasn’t nursing one injury or another …

Before Major League seriously moves toward expansion, consider shipping the Rays out of Tampa-St. Pete and send them to a city that might actually want them.

As the Rays started their surprising pratfall out of the playoffs, a crowd of 19,704 went to see Game 1 of their series with the Rangers.

If only the Red Sox or Yankees were their foe. The Rays can always count on Boston and New York fans to flesh out the crowd to a respectable.

Earth to MLB: Tampa Bay does not deserve this team. The populace could not possibly care less about it. Get them out of there …

The most pointless Patriots chatter these days comes from those hellbent on building a case for Belichick’s firing. Maybe the time has come. It’s tough to defend Belichick’s dismal record in recent NFL Drafts. Ditto for the nation that modern offensive football has not made much of an impression on the old GOAT.

But Robert Kraft is not going to can the man who earned his franchise a seat at the big-boy table, reserved for the most valuable clubs.

Now if the 2024 Patriots continue meandering through the wilderness, this may change.