Celtics couldn’t have looked much worse in Game 1

For anyone wedded to the notion that seeing the last two minutes of an NBA game tells us everything we need to know, ha, ha!

It took the Milwaukee Bucks less than two quarters to drain all drama from their Game 1 win over the Celtics.

The Bucks owned Game 1 of their second-round playoff series. The final score, 101-89, offers only a shadow of a glimpse at Milwaukee’s domination.

And there really was no need to hang in there beyond halftime. A walk in May’s first sunshiny day would’ve been time better spent.

It was sufficiently bad that before a 3 pointer from Jrue Holiday had cleared the twine, ABC showed Brad Stevens saying, “so long” and leaving his suite.

There was 7:36 left in the game and the Bucks held a 14-point lead. Stevens understood the left hook that Milwaukee had landed on the Celtics’ collective jaw.

Playing on the parquet had no bearing on the game. The officiating had no bearing on the game. Kris Middleton’s absence had no bearing on the game.

The Bucks dictated the game’s tempo and dictated the Celtics’ approach. The margin remained steady, never falling so greatly as to make a Boston rally even theoretical.

So now the Celtics, who seemed destined for great things six days ago, must win Game 2 on Tuesday night. As great as they have been the last few months in escaping paths to oblivion, if they head to Milwaukee for Game 3 in a 0-2 hole, the Garden bull gang can stow away the floor and just tend to the ice.

That the Celtics were outplayed is irrefutable. There isn’t much a club can do defensively to shut down a team at the 3-point arc. And there isn’t much a team can do offensively when the opposition forces them to settle for jumpers beyond and those jumpers aren’t falling. But the Celtics made the mountain unclimbable with the sort of sloppiness that they have been forcing from their foes.

And on those occasions when the Celtics did manage to get the ball inside, they couldn’t make a layup.

It was as ugly as ugly can be. It was a replay of the Celtics’ bad old days of November and December.

Think of the club that bumbled its way to the .500 mark before catching fire and inspiring such great reviews from near and far.

That is the basketball team that showed up Sunday.

When they swept the Nets, the Celtics earned kudos and unbridled respect from near and far. Suddenly, betting on Boston win the Eastern Conference and maybe even Championship No. 18 made no one sneer.

Well, the sneers have returned. And rightfully so.

When Jayson Tatum and Jaylen combine for a .333 shooting percentage, the odds of the Celtics winning any game are next-to nil.

And if the Celtics lose Tuesday night, make plans for getting out of the house next weekend.

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