Kendrick Perkins is wrong on this one

Kendrick Perkins, studio analyst on Celtics telecasts and center on the 2008 championship team, is poised to begin another career – NBA diplomat in charge of burying hatchets.

The grudge that Kevin Garnett holds against Ray Allen is as durable as grudges get. Garnett crossed Allen off his Christmas card list when Allen bolted from the Celtics to play for the South Beach LeBrons in 2012.

Allen, the sharpshooter in the Celtics’ 2008 Big Three that included Garnett and Paul Pierce, left town after the Celtics lost to the Miami Heat in the 2011-12 conference finals. Garnett, NBA warrior on the floor, proved to have a nasty streak when a trusted teammate joined the enemy.

Last weekend at the NBA All-Star Weekend, during a ceremony honoring the top 75 players in the league’s 75 seasons, Garnett and Pierce had taken their spots in line, with James on their left. When Allen was called out, he made a beeline to James’ left,

Garnett took that as a not-so-subtle one finger salute.

But there also is a photo from last weekend with The Big Three intact, gazing pleasantly at the photographer.

All love and happiness.

Or was it? With nothing important to discuss, there were plenty of hot-air gusts last week over the possible end of the spite fence separating Allen and Garnett.

But Perkins went one gust too far. With Garnett about to have his number retired, Perkins sees retiring Allen’s number as a means of ensuring peace for all time.

“Paul got his jersey retired. ‘KG’ getting his jersey retired in a few weeks. Hey man, retire Ray Allen’s jersey,” Perkins said on ESPN. “Let’s everyone just stop with the bull—-. Stop it now, and retire Ray Allen’s jersey, man.”


Retiring a man’s number so he and an old teammate could hug out their grievances at center court?


For those who suffer from long-term exasperation by the Celtics retiring 23 numbers (including Garnett’s) this supplies a mountain of fodder.

Qualifications for having one’s number retired by the Celtics have always been … is flexible the right word? Mushy?

Red Auerbach bristled when confronted with this subject. If memory serves, Auerbach’s standard retort was something like “You win a lot of championships, you retire a lot of numbers.”

That can reasonably be applied to players like Cedric Maxwell, Dennis Johnson, Don Nelson, and Tom Sanders. All three played significant roles in the Celtics winning championships. (Before anyone barks, note that Nelson is in the Hall as a coach, not as a player.)

Jim Loscutoff, better known as Loscy? He was a basketball goon, who roughed up foes and help the stars avoid foul trouble. He didn’t want No. 18 retired in his honor, so it is in the rafters to acknowledge Dave Cowens’ Hall of Fame career. With that backstory, having “Loscy” among the numbers is a conversation piece.

Reggie Lewis? The Northeastern alum who was stricken with heart problems and died at age 27 deserves some special consideration.

Garnett and Allen helped the Celtics win a championship. Both are Hall of Famers. Both were short-term players in Boston.

Do either of them deserve to have their numbers retired?


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